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Inspection Period: What to expect

Updated: May 6, 2019

So you just got your contract accepted, yay! Now what happens?

Your Inspection Period is your time to learn about the home and to make sure any of your concerns are addressed. While this often means having a professional home inspection, there may be other considerations to think about, such as:

Is your property in a flood zone? Check Here.

What about crime in the area? Check Here.

Is lead based paint a consideration? Click Here.

Is asbestos a consideration? Click Here.

Sex Offender Registry? Check Here.

Consider talking a walk in the neighborhood at different times of day.

Maybe meet your future neighbors.

If you are purchasing a condo, your home inspector will inspect the electrical systems, plumbing systems, appliances, cooling systems, structure/foundation. If you are purchasing a single family, they'll also inspect the roof, eaves, and grounds. If there is a sprinkler system, inquire to see if they'll test that too, many don't. If there is a pool, a separate pool inspection may be necessary.

At your home inspection, your home inspector will arrive prior to you and inspect the home. Though, clients are always welcome from the beginning of the appointment. Once the inspector completes their inspection, you'll then walk thru the home together to go over the results. A written report is typically provided within 24-48 hours. These reports are thorough some 50-75 pages w/ photos. On the day of your inspection, wear comfy clothes, consider taking photos to help you reference the home, or maybe take any necessary measurements.

Lastly, think of your home inspector as a general practitioner, so if something merits further research, getting a specialist to look further into the area of concern is important to do during your inspection period. For example, if the home inspector notices the foundation is showing signs of movement, the inspector may recommend bringing in a structural engineer. This could mean bringing in a roofer, electrician, plumber, even a feng shui master. If it's important to you, your home inspection period is the time to do it.


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