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Plumbing Issues & Sewer Scoping

Most Buyers know to look out for or ask about the age/condition of the roof, electrical systems, and foundational systems of a prospective home purchase. One thing never to overlook is the condition of the plumbing and sewer lines of aging Hawaii properties.

When a Buyer conducts their general home inspection, it's not uncommon for the home inspector to recommend other professionals, like a plumber, to take a look at specific items of concern. For single family homes, this may mean having a sewer scoping completed.

A sewer scoping is typically conducted by a licensed plumber, who sends a camera down a home's clean out or toilet's waste line. This camera records video of the condition of the home's main waste line. The plumber can then identify issues and give recommendations or estimates for items found.

Some of the more common issues I've come across more recently tends to be with cast iron piping, where either there's a break in the line from age, previous snaking, or root damage. Sometimes they may find a blockage that requires jetting. Another common issue might be were the waste line is offset when it meets with the City & County's main. Galvanized pipes, can corrode and rust from the interior.

Scoping may also help you identify if you have the dreaded Orangeburg pipes, named after Orangeburg, New York where they were originally manufactured and used during World War 2 to save on iron and steel. This material is made of bituminized fiber and prone to failure. These repairs can cost thousands of dollars to repair, reline, or replace, so best to find out during your home inspection.


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