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Things to Do Before You List

Looking to spruce up your home before you sell? Here's a few items to consider doing--it's little things can make all the difference!


* Gather your paperwork! Having these items, if available, will help your Realtor speak knowledgably about your home and it will help bolster your Seller's Disclosure: Utility Bills, Find your Warranties (Tent Fumigation, Appliances, Roof, etc.), History of Termite Treatments or Preventative Treatments, any Plumbing Inspections completed for high risk items (typically condos), Photovoltaic Ownership or Lease Information or Net Metering Agreement. Any recent communication from the HOA, particularly information regarding special assessments or maintenance fee increases. If the property is held in trust, a copy may be needed.

* Declutter and depersonalize, keeping kitchen countertops to a minimum and things put away. If you have a lot of family photos, edit them down or store out of sight.

* Touch up paint areas that maybe scuffed or worn. You'd be amazed at what a magic eraser can do. Consider re-painting any brightly colored walls to neutral colors.

* Replacing worn fixtures is often an inexpensive task with big results. Replacing any light-bulbs that are out. It's a good time to also address any obvious home inspection items like leaky faucets or electrical items.

* If there are any major items that are in need of repair that you won't be fixing, consider getting estimates in advance of listing the home .

* Remove any fixtures that you plan on taking with you or be sure to make it clear to your Realtor that the heirloom chandelier that your grandmother gave you does not come with the house.

* Re-arrange furniture or if selling vacant, consider professional staging.

* Power wash the house, driveway, and sidewalks. Keeping windows and screens clean. A good scrub down is always helpful, organizing closets, and eliminate any odors like pet smells.

* Consider your curb appeal--greening up the grass, adjusting those flower beds, or herbs.

* Add fresh flowers or house plants to add that extra touch. A few favorites that are longer lasting might be Song of India, Red Ginger & Ti-Leaf, and Monstera. If you can, use what you may have on-hand in your yard.


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