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Save Money with Hawaii Energy Rebates

During Covid-19 many homeowners are finding time to make upgrades to their home. If you're installing energy efficient appliances, upgrading or tuning up your ACs, installing a solar fan, or maybe installing/tuning up your solar water heater, you could qualify for a rebate with Hawaii Energy. Hawaii Energy’s cash rebates help you invest in energy-efficient equipment for your home. These installations quickly pay for themselves and the savings keep coming year after year.

For example, installing solar water heating to your home could qualify you for a $1,250 rebate. If you're purchasing a new refrigerator, Hawaii Energy is offering a $100 rebate when buying a qualifying ENERGY STAR(R) certified refrigerator. Or maybe you need to recycle that 2nd refrigerator or freezer in your garage? Hawaii Energy will help you recycle that old fridge/freezer for FREE and pay you for each one--check out their Rid-A-Fridge Program HERE.

To Find More Information on How to Apply for a Rebate, go to Hawaii Energy's Rebate Website to Apply HERE.

Need help finding a contractor familiar with Hawaii Energy's Rebate Programs?


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