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The Aloha ‘Aina REALTOR(R) Awards Program was established by the Honolulu Board of REALTORS(R) in 1998 as a way of recognizing and rewarding REALTORS(R) for extraordinary service to their clients. Aloha ‘Aina Awards judges reviewed 1,068 submissions. From more than 500 nominees, 10 winners were selected.


Clients turned in documentation of their experience with the REALTOR(R) they nominated. They were asked to comment on the performance of their REALTOR(R) in four categories Professional Expectations, Exceptional Service, Thorough Follow-through, and Fair Dealings. Shaila has been nominated every year since 2006. She won this award in 2008 and again in 2015.

See below for excerpts from previous nominations.

“This was our third condo purchase through Shaila, and we had another impressive and pleasant experience. Although I had been thinking about investing in real estate in Hawaii for a while, I just didn’t have time to study the current real estate market and do any search myself. After my wife contacted Shaila and asked her assistance, things started to move very quickly. Shaila immediately sent us a list of properties which precisely met our requirements. When I asked her questions about one of the properties on the list, she responded back only minutes after with complete answers and very helpful additional information that I did not think of inquiring. She displayed both pros and cons of the property very clearly so we became aware of the risks as well.

Her work is extremely fast yet very accurate. Her negotiation techniques and strategies were very effective so we were able to get the price we wanted and there was no counter offer we had to consider. Even after the contract was signed, she followed up with me thoroughly to make sure I was able to arrange all the repairs needed and hand the unit over to my property manager to rent it out. She is a true professional with full of expertise. We feel very lucky to have her as our Realtor and hope she continues to assist us and our children for many more years to come.” –Tom, HI. 2015


“This property was built in the 1930’s, located on a cul-de-sac of a hill, on a private road. The family home was decided to be sold after death of our mother. The property had meandering walls along three adjacent boundaries. Shaila arranged encroachment and party wall agreements with them. She had us complete the survey and termite tenting before going on the market. Next, she had us repair and fix known problems. She kept us on track and arranged for a professional photographer to take his best shots. All the time, she provided instant info regarding showing requests, responses from potential clients and kept us informed electronically with comparative market analysis whenever there was a change of listing status in the neighborhood. Upon receipt of an offer, she handled the counter offers professionally until final acceptance. All escrow handling was done superbly. She kept us informed about the multitude of contingencies and she stayed on top. We always knew what to expect. Shaila guided us very patiently and professionally, in all aspects. ” –Aileen, HI. 2015


I live in Michigan & my sister Helen lived in Honolulu for over 35 years died June 2007, her son died July 2007, and daughter died September 2007, leaving a granddaughter, 21 years who is mentally challenged. I became personal representative to care for the estate. I am 83 years old, unable to travel to Hawaii. We contacted Shaila to get her help to sell both houses so the granddaughter would be financially stable for life.

This transaction was not normal as we had to get an attorney, after finding a will & it had to go thru three probate hearings. Shaila was with me all the way, letting me know where we were in this messy process. Both houses were in terrible shape to put it mildly & needed extensive clean-up and throw-out. My sister and her daughter were very ill. Shaila assessed the situation and updated me on every move that had to be made before the houses would be fit to sell. She mailed me at least 50 to 70 pictures of both houses. So I knew exactly what had to take place. She kept in touch with the attorney in all things so the final selling would be right to all parties.

Shaila went far far beyond the duties of a real estate agent. She made her self available to me 24/7 and I do not have a computer so everything had to be mailed. Shaila would go over every contract step-by-step so I knew what I was signing. She kept me informed of the offers to buy and the pro’s and con’s of some offers.

I lost my sister and her two children all within 10 weeks, all very suddenly so I will always remember Shaila for the kindness, and understanding she showed me during this very difficult time. I couldn’t have done it without her. Shaila is one sincere, honest, and caring person and I feel blessed to have her for our agent.”–Dorthy, MI. 2008


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